Adam Linder:
Hustle Harder

Museum of
Art, Australia

A new choreographic commission, performed all day for one month in the Museum.


Evolving compositions and gestures of the performers, echoing a central concern of the work: that the museum is a space where performers and the public increasingly ready themselves for the camera, using art and architecture as a backdrop for their own image making.

Adam Linder

22 July – 20 August 2023
Curated by Anneke Jaspers

Museum of Contemporary Art, Australia
Performers: Narelle Benjamin, Taos Bertrand, Juan Pablo Camara, Eugene Choi, Alice Heyward, Bec Jensen, Noha Ramadan, Brooke Stamp, Ivey Wawn

Exhibition Design: Adam Linder and Deniz Celtek
Costume Design: Dion Lee
Sound Design: Steffen Martin
Choreographic Assistance: Brooke Stamp
Producers: Jade Muratore and Sasha Okshteyn

Hustle Harder features artworks from the MCA Collection by Hany Armanious, Agatha Gothe-Snape and Tracey Moffatt.