The National 4

Marketing and documenting the major biennial survey of contemporary Australian art.

The National 4: Australian Art Now brings together 48 new artists projects, involving more than 80 artists across Country, generations and communities.

The series is a partnership between four leading Sydney cultural institutions: the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Campbelltown Arts Centre (C-A-C), Carriageworks and the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA Australia).

Our narrative commission, working closely with the curators and artists, was for a series of 12 intimately crafted artist portraits.

For marketing, coordinating with the teams across the four institutions, we tailored an elegant and versatile motion graphics design approach to deliver social cut-downs and the suite of Pre- and On-Now trailers.

Art Gallery of New South Wales
Pierre Mukeba
Nabilah Nordin
Gerry Wedd

Campbelltown Arts Centre
Christopher Bassi
Shivanjani Lal
Isabel & Alfredo Aquilizan with the Fruitjuice Factori Studio

Katie West
Jo Lloyd
Erika Scott

Museum of Contemporary Art
Simryn Gill
Amanda Williams

Client:  MCA, Australia
Agency: Atypical